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Semi-Friends Only

This journal is going to be Semi-Friends only.

If you read around, you'll find pretty typical entries, but I tend to lock the ones with more personal subjects or information. If you want to be added, comment here (or on another entry). I'm pretty open to new friends, just leave me a line or two telling me how you found me or why you'd like to be added.

Also, feel free to just lurk, read, and enjoy any art you might find! I'm making this semi-public so you can get an idea of whether you'd like to add me or not and share a bit of art. I'm always open to comments or a good critique!
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Real Cel, Ocelot

Resource Links

I thought that it might be nice for me to compile a list of my favorite resources for other people to use. This will be continually updated. It's broken up into sections, including a general information section. This is for little tidbits I may want to incorporate somewhere. I'll probably add a book section to the bottom later. I've tried to mark which links are definitely NSFW - Not Safe For Work with an explanation; however, please be aware that you are visiting the links at your own risk.

I'm always open to other suggestions, but this is also my personal list, so please don't be offended if I don't add the link.

Figure Drawing/General Drawing
George Bridgman's Books - Bridgman was Rockwell's teacher (among other notable students). Constructive anatomy is out of copyright and the others can be purchased cheaply.
Andrew Loomis Books - Fantastic figure drawing books written by illustrator Andrew Loomis. These are out of print, but are being save by artists who pass them around.
Japanese Loomis - From the original post: "Andrew Loomis was reincarnated as a Japanese man, and this is his website." It is in Japanese, but it's very visual.
Sheldon's Art Academy - Sheldon teaches in the Florentine style. There are videos you can pay for, but there are useful samples posted up for free on youtube. I also recommend his books.

Gesture Tools
Sketchoholic - Gesture tool where the time can be set. Also has videos I haven't seen yet. (NSFW - Nudity)
PixeLovely - Gesture drawing tool, holds photo for set amount of time, also offers longer sessions that cycles through poses. (NSFW - Nudity)

Drawing for Animation/Illustration
tracyjb's Expression Tutorial - Great tutorial for character expressions! Important to see the individual variations in standard emotions.
CG Masters Workshop - This is a pay site, but the workshops look fantastic. I really want to get them. Be aware that at least for 2011, you may only access them for a period of time you pay for.
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels - Fantastic resource by Disney storyboard artist Mark Kennedy. Has lots of information about staging and drawing for animation.

Animation Reference
Living Lines Library - FANTASTIC RESOURCE! Has countless images and pencil tests from all sorts of animated films! I cannot recommend this enough! Some links go to the movie's poster where you click on the title or subheading.
Harald Siepermann's Blog - Lots of Disney concept art I haven't seen elsewhere. The whole site has a lot of stuff from other studios too. Seems to favor stylized art a bit. Has images from The Snow Queen!

Disney Reference
Little mermaid reference thanks to shadzane
Figure Drawings: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 (All NSFW - Nudity)
Ariel Model Sheets - Likely not final, but very helpful! (NSFW - Nudity)
Video with Short Live Action Clips - This video has some brief clips from the live action reference the Disney animators used!
Character Sheets - Photobucket with a bunch of model sheets.
Animation Archive - Various Preproduction Work. The thumbnails are down, but many of the images are still up. Also has Preston Blair book!
Deja's View - Andreas Deja's blog (he animated a lot of the classic villains). Lots of pencils tests, old concept art, and unique insights to the nine old men in particular. Posts some other neat artists too!

Miscellaneous Info
10 Bizarre Job-Related Illnesses - Little odd diseases for specific professions. Great for adding a little bit of character here and there.
Chi <3

(Boring) Art Post!

First of all I have a lot of drawings from Fall 2011 semester. I'm pretty happy with all these as they're on my professional site, but I may need to review and nab a few more. They're done more or less in order of posting. Instead of having a preview image up here, I'm just going to leave the last few at the bottom outside the cut as the rest are nudes and I don't want to get anyone in trouble at work. :)

Collapse )

For the most part these are safer for work. They're still figures, but they're more volume studies.
Collapse )

Drawing of my Hobo cat and a copy from Preston Blair

Drawings from life: bar, restaurant, opera, etc.

So I feel like I've gotten a lot better lately. My figures are getting a lot more solid, but of course I'm always open to critique. Please cluster it more on my recent work rather than the stuff from last year. :)

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Real Cel, Ocelot

Mini Art Post

Hey, I just have a few things to post today. I've been doing a bunch of gesture drawings, which are pretty boring to look at. Also a few construction studies from Preston Blair, but again, not too interesting to look at.

However, here's one I did a week or two ago: Here - Artistic Nudity, NSFW

Then I drew up a little fox anthro for a commission example (to show I could draw anthros).

Her head, hand, and skirt are a little off, but overall it's decent! It's something I'd be willing to pay a few bucks for, so I feel like I might be comfortable offering commissions soon. :D She'd be about $3-5, $5-7 for a cleaner one.

What do you think? Could you conceive of buying one for that price range? (No obligation, of course!)

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Chi <3

I haz fishie!

And Sophie loves watching him!

He's a pretty betta boy that we got at a local pet store (they had a coupon for free betta fish!) and we also got him a plant and some fishie food. He seems to be doing well and is the most active fish ever. Except very late at night I didn't see him stop swimming around once.

He also changes color a bit. When he's pissed off he gets red on his fin. Usually he's a black-blue color. I'm thinking of naming him Bruce (after Bruce Wayne), but I'm open to other suggestions.

Here are some pictures of him (because that's the fun part).

How he typically looks in terms of color:

Here he is at the brightest red I've gotten on camera:

Here he is, partially red (but completely in focus!):

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Chi <3

Looking for Recipes

Hello! I was wondering if anyone was willing to share some recipes, because I'm in the mood for trying something new.

I'm very open to new things. I don't like seafood, nuts, or spicy-hot things (spicy-tastes of spices are fine, so I like mild curry, but I don't like tabasco sauce; I like spice, but not heat). I'm okay with trying odd things; I've had and enjoyed ox, goat, eel, buffalo, ostrich, turtle soup (not sure how real it was, but it was so good), alligator, and frog (okay, I was only so-so on the gator and the frog was too fishy for my tastes and too boney to be worth it, but including them as odd food I've eaten).

I'm definitely willing to trade recipes too. I tend to have very Mid-Western recipes, lots of meat and milk and cheese.

Edit: Just FYI, anon comments should be screened if for some reason you want to share with me, but not the rest of the world.

Edit 2: Just to get things started I found a recipe for Butter Beer. I made this for the Super Bowl and it turned out pretty well! It's almost a butterscotch flavor. Don't worry about the candy thermometer; it'll just come to a low boil and keep it around a low boil. I also found no need for the extra froth personally, but it is so good too.

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Scrooge - Money

(no subject)

Okay, I've come over to the darkside and changed my account to plus for the icons... the glorious icons...

If this causes problems for anyone, please give me a head's up and I'll revert back to basic if need be. :)
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Contemplative, Sad, Mulan

(no subject)

Does anyone really want to chat or RP or something? Or do you know someone who might want to RP or chat? I'm have AIM, I can do boards, etc. I'm just bored out of my little mind. That's the problem with being 700+ miles away from your friends. :/

Sorry if this is an odd request, I just thought I'd put my feelers out.

Edit: You're welcome to PM me or something like that if you'd rather not reply here.

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